All my single ladies…

Unlike B’s club-banger, if you’re a single mom you’re probably NOT up in the club. Most new moms, single or not, can barely make it to the grocery store without forgetting to brush your teeth, let alone get dolled up to hit the club. But I digress – mommy outings aren’t the point if this post.

This afternoon my husband suggested I go take a bath and have some “mommy time.” That small gesture got me thinking. Again, I have the privilige of having someone there 24/7. Bottom line is, single moms, you have my utmost respect.  Hats off to you.  I often hear mothers comment, sometimes lament, that even with a supportive partner the mother often ends up shouldering the most responsibility.  Especially if you’re EBF (I’ve deduced that this means “exclusively breast feeding” – future post to come about the ridiculous world of acronyms that accompany parenting blogs!). But let’s get serious, that’s not the same and single-moms are serious warrior-goddesses.

I’m not going to muse more, frankly, because I can’t begin to know the challenges single-moms face. But this popped into my head and I couldn’t pass the chance to verbalize this.

Rock on, girl.

Yours truly,


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