The art of using utensils

It’s time for W to start cleaning up his act at meal time.  Literally.  The mess is killing me!  Clearly W loves it, but me on the other hand…am left scraping avocado out of his ears all day.



Let’s hash out what we’ve accomplished thus far with the baby lead solids approach, though, because I couldn’t be happier.  W does a great job feeding himself.  He chews incredibly well and rarely gags or bites off more than he can handle.  My favorite?  He’s so adventurous when it comes to trying new foods!  Win. Win.  And win.  We ate out a ton while we were on vacation in Disney (post to come soon!) and it could not have been easier (note I didn’t say cleaner…) thanks to his stellar attitude towards food.  With our amazing rubber bib, disposable placemats, a handful of Cheerios and the LED ice-cube (below), we were golden.  So no complaints on that end.





But, as with all things, an evolution of process and procedure is in order.  It’s time for a spoon, folks!  The avocado face-and-hair masks are getting too much to clean up three times a day and, frankly, make me dread meal time.  W is nursing less and less (we are at about 6 times a day), so it’s pretty important that I not be dreading feeding the growing little dude.

So, I decided that introducing a spoon was a good idea…when black bean soup was on the menu for lunch, no less.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  I must not have had my third cup of coffee yet…







This first attempt was probably messier than it would have been had I just let him scoop the soup out of the bowl with his hands (which he did half the time).  He quickly discovered that his spoon was a great way to catapult food to the dog instead of his usual delivery method.  Our dog, Rex, is a food-motivated Frenchie who is always underfoot come meal time.  They’ve got quite the symbiotic relationship – W provides the food and Rex provides the entertainment.  It’s a habit we are SERIOUSLY trying to break.  But, W thinks that our head-shaking is part of the game.  So, he holds his food over the edge, drops it, looks at us with a scowl on his face and shakes his head, “No.”  Unfortunately it’s funnier than it is problematic.  At least for right now…

But, back to the spoon.

He does a great job grabbing the spoon with his right hand and usually gets a good grip on the handle – not to high, not too low.  He understands the motion he’s supposed to make and that he scoops the spoon in the bowl and then it goes into his mouth.  He’ll sometimes use the other hand to guide the spoon there with a bit more precision, which is so sweet to watch.  His fine-motor skills are improving so quickly, and it melts my heart to watch his tiny hands make such slow, deliberate and gentle movements.  And the prideful grin?  Agh.

So, I don’t have a calculated plan moving forward.  No benchmarks for the little guy to meet.  But, I think we’ll keep giving him a spoon at meal time and encourage him as he goes!  He has been picking things up so quickly, that I’m hoping he’ll be on his way to a cleaner eating routine in no time…

I know this is wishful thinking, but if you don’t have hope, what do you have?

Spoonfully yours,



4 thoughts on “The art of using utensils

  1. Oh my gosh, those top two photos are the funninest thing ever, lol! We do BLW as well, but less so as a conscious choice as that I got very lazy with making baby food with #2 & #3 and started just giving them whatever we were eating with fingers crossed. And I’m happy to report that Adelle is one of the most amazing eaters I’ve ever seen (kid loves to eat and has such a varied palate), so I’d say it works! My W, on the other hand, has had some feeding issues when it comes to solids, but definitely prefers a good old sandwich to purees any day! It’s funny, I haven’t the faintest idea when I started giving my kids their own utensils. I mean, the older ones use them now of course, but I can’t recall how it started, ha!
    Sounds like he is doing great though, despite the mess!

    1. Yes, I can imagine with 3 little ones it’s just not feasible to be making so many different meals! I’ve loved it so far, and it certainly makes cooking far less of a task when we can all just eat the same thing. I’ve seen your pictures of your W eating a sandwich – they are awesome! What a cutie 🙂

  2. Ashleigh

    Abbey, I found myself grinning and nodding while reading about the dog and W dropping food over the edge. DID does the same thing and has just started shaking his head no afterward since that’s the reaction he gets from me. It’s so hard not to laugh!

    1. I know, Ashleigh! It’s a skill I’m sure you’ve gotten good at as a teacher though…I definitely give W the “teacher stare” and then have to turn around and smile the other way. Haha!

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