Spring cleaning


My parents came home from a week in Mexico, and upon walking through my door, the first thing my mother exclaimed was, “Ohhhh, yummmm, what is roasting in the oven!?” It was Sunday, so that wasn’t totally out of the question.

You know what it was?

The Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes in the Lemongrass Citrus (Thyme) scent.  Clearly I used a ton of them.

The night before, I’d pretty much wiped down the entire house after my husband spent the day with the flu and we figured out that little W had the Hand Foot Mouth (HFM) virus. So far, no one else has the flu or HFM, so I’m chalking that up to a major win.

And, the house smells wonderfully delicious thanks to the germ-fighting-thyme-essential-oil. Loving these things right now.

Cleanly yours,



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