Day 12: Sleep Regression Update

So we had a minor breakthrough yesterday.  After an hour (including a trip back into the nursery to remove the mobile because he hated it, to change a poop because he always seems to poop at nap time now and to start our nap time routine of books and milk again)…

Wait for it…

Waaaaaaaait for it…

He wasn’t screaming in his crib!  [Cheers!  Applause!  Elation!]  He still wasn’t sleeping, but he wasn’t screaming bloody murder to the point of throwing up.

I’ll take what I can get.  It was a small step in the right direction and today, we’ll try the same thing again in hopes of a different result.

And, yes, that IS the definition of insanity.




One thought on “Day 12: Sleep Regression Update

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