Frigid weather fun – a cotton ball snowman!

Our cotton ball snowman!
Our cotton ball snowman!

If you haven’t been living under a rock then you’ve most certainly heard of this polar vortex that continues to spew frigid air our way.  [Side note: did you know Huff Post listed polar vortex the #2 banished word of 2015?  Well now you do].

So.  What to do you do with an antsy mother energetic-almost-two-year-old when you’re stuck inside because of a polar vortex it’s like -10 degrees outside?

Glue cotton balls to a piece of paper, of course.  And call it a cotton ball snowman.  Obviously.

Little W has been having fun with a glue bottle and or a glue stick lately, so on a frigid day earlier this week (I know, they’re all starting to blur together…) I thought, why not make ourselves a little snowman out of cotton balls!?  I rolled on over to Pinterest to affirm that making snowmen with cotton balls was, in fact, a real craft.  I’ve since saved this site since it looks like it’s full of easy crafts to do with little ones.

Next up: materials.

I grabbed the cotton balls from my cabinet, retrieved the glue and construction paper from W’s art bucket and told him to meet me at his table.  He excitedly scampered over to this little white craft table and climbed up into to his favorite seat, anxiously awaiting his “art project” for the day.  After I traced the outline of the snowman with various circular items in his playroom, I showed W how to squeeze the glue and when to “Stop!” (now one of his favorite expressions, one which he instructed me to do after a few seconds of squeezing my own glue dots, haha).  Then I showed him how to pick a cotton ball and stick it on the glue we’d just put on the paper.

With a little bit of guidance, we slowly filled in our snowman.  Little W helped me determine that our Frosty needed some buttons, eyes, a nose and a hat so I quickly cut them out of construction paper and…voila!

That, my friends, is how Frosty came to life one [very cold, polar vortex] day.  Happy gluing to you and yours 🙂

Frigidly yours,





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