Easter hands and feet

Some bunny loves you!
Some bunny loves you!
Spring ducks!
Spring ducks!

For some reason, I don’t need much of an excuse to make seasonally themed artwork using my toddler’s hands and feet and various mediums…usually paint and some sort of glitter.

But seriously.  Crafting with a toddler?  I know, call me crazy.

Aside from the utterly adorable outcome that I usually frame and place on our entryway table, doing paint-related arts and crafts is anything but clean and simple with a toddler.  Especially when you’re covering pint-sized hands and feet (that are constantly moving, running, touching, grabbing, climbing, stomping and smearing everything…everywhere) with paint.

So, I always try to be prepared.

I get the kiddo down to his onesie or diaper.  I put him in his old high chair to limit his mobility.  I put an old shower curtain down on the floor as an easy-to-clean drop cloth.  I situate him out of reach of anything.  I make sure I’m not wearing anything that I remotely care about.  I get paper towels or dish towels damp and ready for immediate wipe off.

Oh, and most important, I tell myself to CTFD and relax.  It’s really not a big deal if stuff gets messy.

So, with spring here (err…somewhere under the 2 feet of snow we still have) and Easter just around the corner, we added a few other seasonally themed animal hand and feet prints to our repertoire.  Let’s see.  Reindeer feet?  Check.  Turkey hands?  Check.  Cottonball snowmen?  Check.  But the barn seems to be shy a few characters so…

Why not add a bunny and a few ducks?

Artfully yours,



One thought on “Easter hands and feet

  1. So cute! I’m going to try to add this to the wooden egg painting session I have planned for Friday. I’ll try to remember to CTFD. W looks so tall next to your counter!

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