Little boys and their tractors

Nothing makes W more giddy with glee than the sight of countless big, green, dirty…tractors.  I think he actually prefers the ones that still smell like manure.  Yup.  My kid is definitely from Maine.  Even though we don’t own a tractor…and never have…and never will.  Ever.

But, knowing his penchant for anything with wheels, I hoped the “Tractors and Trucks” event at Pineland Farms would be a hit.  What I didn’t know was just how much was going to love the place, too.  After making the 40+ minute trek, parking once to buy our ticket, getting back into the car to drive down to the farm…we finally came to the top of a hill…

And I was at a total loss for words….

At least until I texted all my mom-friends how amazing this place was.  But, seriously. The way the haze settled over the green hills as they rolled into crisp white fences and picturesque barns…I mean, I thought we were in Ireland.  And I never thought I wanted to visit Ireland, but after this I’m totally down…

IMG_8717 IMG_8788

Ok, so the tractor part.  We walked down the road and arrived at the barn to find tractor after tractor after flatbed after bulldozer and a FIRETRUCK (have I mentioned how much he loves firetrucks, too!?).  Each and every one of them was open to the kiddos to climb in and on.

But you couldn’t push any buttons.

I know, I know!  I found that hilarious, too.  Like that was going to happen.  So, I just tried to steer him clear of the emergency brake…I figured that had to count for something?

IMG_8730 IMG_8723

IMG_8766 IMG_8736

Then we decided to take a little walk to the Blueberry Hill slide.  We even ran into some friends in the cabin and by the tractor wheel.  Life was good.

IMG_8725 IMG_8756

IMG_8726 IMG_8727

And we still had so many adventures ahead of us!  W said hello to the baby goat and got to feed and pet the incredible cows in the barn.  He was so proud of himself!

IMG_8720 IMG_8718

IMG_8771 IMG_8773

IMG_8778 IMG_8776

It was an incredible day.  I may have already mentioned that.  But even after several hours there, the awe hadn’t worn off a bit.  We wandered back down the road, said goodbye to the beautiful horses, and our hearts were full.

IMG_8790 IMG_8786

IMG_8716 IMG_8715

Gratefully yours,